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Construction du Centre International de l’Art Pariétal Montignac-Lascaux

Opening December 15, 2016

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Situated, in Montignac / Dordogne, at the very heart of black Perigord, Lascaux Cave is the masterpiece of prehistoric art. Like every great Humanity’s creations, It’s a timeless and universal oeuvre...

Lascaux 4

The whole Lascaux cave will be the essential part of Montignac-Lascaux Parietal Art international Centre. This equipment will be focused on Lascaux cave, new image technologies and virtual mediation...

Yves Coppens's point of view

Sciences Academy Member, Lascaux Conservation Scientific Council chairman. 5 questions/answers about Lascaux's future and International Parietal Art Center.

Virtual tour 

Lascaux 4 building site

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